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Level B1: Listening & reading in English.

Try not to look at this until you’ve done all the exercises that go with the listening.
Travelling by train 1
Enna: We just wrote about …er… transportation from Samui to Bangkok…
Jackie: Ah OK
Enna: …by train, by plane, by ferry and by car.
Jackie: Ah so you were comparing…
Enna: Yes
Jackie: OK
Richard: Which is the best?
Enna: I don’t know! By train is very nice. When you go by train, right, in the morning they stop for each station you can see snacks or food or drinks you can buy – but you have to hurry up! You can have …er… coffee or tea in the morning…
Richard: Well, I remember one trip, I think it was in Vietnam on the train, when the train stops in the station the lady gave a bowl, I think of noodles, through the window…
Enna: uh ha
Richard: …and the guy was eating his noodles and then he was still eating the noodles and the train left the station! So he had the bowl, and he couldn’t give the bowl back – I think he threw it out of the window afterwards!

Activities in english

Try not to look at the transcript while doing these exercises! Always read the
instructions and all the information in the tasks before listening. Listen as many
times as you like.

Travelling by train 1

1.-Listen for general meaning: Richard and Jackie talk to Enna about travelling by train. What is the main topic of the conversation?

a         trains arriving late
b         sleeping on trains
c         buying things at the station

2.-Listen for detail: which word from each list below is not in the listening?

transport                 food                          drink train                 snacks
water plane            sandwiches             coffee boat                noodles
tea ferry

3.-Listen for understanding: are the following sentences about Enna’s story True or False?

a         Enna likes travelling by train
b         She normally travels in the evening
c         The train waits a long time at each station

4.-Listen for individual words: which is the correct word from Richard’s story?

a         I remember one journey / trip
b         The lady gave a bowl / plate, I think of noodles
c         and the guy / man was eating his noodles
d         he threw it out of the door / window afterwards